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About me

- B.A degree in teaching chemistry and biology from Tula State University (Russia) - 1997.
- MBA degree from State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) - 2000.
- Degree of a Vedic astrologer from American Institute of Vedic Studies headed by profound teacher of Vedic astrology and Ayurveda Dr. David Frawley (2006).
- Level 1 degree from American College of Vedic Astrology (2008).
- Diploma of Homeopat from British Institute of Homeopathy (2008).

Working experience:
- Business analyst and marketing manager (promoting Israeli start-up companies on international markets) (2000-2004).
- Teaching English as a second language for native Russian and Hebrew speakers.
The website: (2004-2008).
- Consultant and teacher of Vedic Astrology. I have currently several hundreds of students in 19 countries (2008 - current).


- Published book УSmile and it will be light around!Ф in Russian language with humor stories and poems.
- Helped one of the teachers - Rami Bleckt to start publishing a Russian-speaking international magazine УThanksgivings with loveФ in Russian language (website of the magazine Ц . The magazine is being distributed in many countries, including Israel, Russia, Canada, USA, Germany.


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